Three car system by Tom Santospago


3 Car Systems


The point of showing multiple vehicles is to have the customer do their shopping in your store. It’s designed to show them three levels of price and payment by showing multiple vehicles at different price ranges. One scenario could be at same current monthly payment but two years newer with five thousand less miles; another could be a lease deal that’s a little less. A third could be two levels up in equipment with payment $100.00 more than current payment.  Whatever the customer put down in the beginning as a cap cost reduction we are going to ask for it again. The customers and sales staff focuses on which of the three options is best for them not just price, rate, term and trade value. Often because of the work we do up front we retain a high gross and closing ratio regardless of the market.  The customer feels like they shopped and have compared a buy to a lease and certified to new. Its take more time up front but it closes in about half the time if done correctly with a lot more gross. We find in new car stores that we get a 40% lease to retail in the new car department.





"All good things happen in Three"


                                                               Tom Santospago

“The install of the Three Car Program is all about team buy in”


                We need total buy in from the entire sales team to achieve program success. We will be there by your side, training your entire sales team on a better way to sell. From lot display and set up, penciling deals, T.O’S, and salesperson training and used car manager training.