Dealership-180 has created a simple program that starts out with a two-day evaluation of your sales-department. We interview your team and members along with Owner/General Manager to get there take. We work side by side of each player until they have a total understanding of their duties, and how to maximize their team. We can and will customize the program that fits your dealership's needs.



Two-day evaluation:


We take two full days to analyze each player on your team. After we analyze your team then, we give you an outline of each manager’s strengths and weaknesses. We interview your entire sales and management staff so we have the full story. My job is to provide you with an unbiased report of staff and sales process.                                             






Let's get started program:

After two day program will customize a time line to get your store moving in the right direction. We have recommend the “let’s get started program” which run’s for two weeks






Day to Day


We offer training on a day to day pricing for all of your dealership needs.





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